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Specialized Freight Transportation


The company "Meno Logistics Turkmen" has extensive experience in transportation of oversized cargo by road and has managed to assemble a team of highly qualified specialists whose knowledge and experience allow performing high-level cargo transportation in the shortest possible time.

Special equipment, through which loading and unloading works are carried out, as well as road transport for the direct transportation of oversized cargo, meets all necessary standards.

We understand that to date, oversized cargo transportation is a dynamically developing market, behind which stands the future. Therefore, we try not only to occupy a certain niche market, but also actively compete, offering more favorable terms. With this approach, we provide quality services at affordable prices, and the client thanks us with very valuable trust.

Our contact information:

Meno Logistics Turkmen ES

                  19/1, Str. Garashsyzlyk Shayoly , Ashgabat, Turkmenistan           

                                                                                    Phone:    +99312 480721                                                                                 

                    +99312 480756

          Fax:   +99312 480710

    E-mail: contact@menotrk.com