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Our company takes all necessary measures to protect and promote the interests of the Shipowner in the international seaport of Turkmenbashi, in particular:

  • The provision of a safe berth when issuing a shipowner's voyage;
  • To reduce the parking time in the port and timely registration of the ship's departure on the trip;
  • Performs all the port formalities associated with entering, leaving the ship to (from) the port;
  • Makes payment of expenses for the vessel in the management organizations at the expense of the Shipowner's funds, if any, on the agent's settlement account. All expenses for the vessel are entered in the disbursement account, according to the orders of the captain or directly instructed by the Shipowner;
  • Takes in the interests of the Shipowner measures to settle all claims arising between the ship and other organizations;
  • In accordance with the instructions of the Shipowner or the request of the captain, the ship provides the following services at the expense of the Shipowner: bunkering vessels, supplying water, provisions, navigation maps, providing medical care to crew members, organizing small ship repairs, providing land transport and communications with subsequent inclusion of expenses for services in disbursement account/funds.

Displacement cargo inside the port, as well as further sending it to the recipient, requires solving a number of related tasks. An important place among them is stevedoring. This is a whole range of services related to sorting, packaging, weighing, loading and unloading.

Our company provides quality stevedoring services, which guarantees the safety of the cargo, as well as the speed of its processing during transportation.

Our contact information:

Meno Logistics Turkmen ES

                  19/1, Str. Garashsyzlyk Shayoly , Ashgabat, Turkmenistan           

                                                                                    Phone:    +99312 480721                                                                                 

                    +99312 480756

          Fax:   +99312 480710

    E-mail: contact@menotrk.com