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Sea Freight


Sea  freight  transportation is financially not burdensome way of transportation of large consignments of cargo. It is used when delivery occurs over huge distances and another mode of transportation is simply unavailable. Also, cargo transportation by sea can be only a part of the cargo path to the final recipient.

Our forwarding company constantly carries out shipping by sea and has earned a reputation as a professional in its business. We closely monitor the safety of each container trusted us throughout the entire route. All containers are under reliable security, which accompanies them right up to the port of destination.

When transporting goods from Turkey, Russia and European countries, transshipment in ports is an integral part of the logistics chain, because in most cases transportation is carried out using by sea transports.

In the process of transporting goods from Turkey, Russia and Europe by transit or destination through Turkmenistan, the company provides cargo transshipment services in the port of Turkmenbashi.
Transshipment of goods in the port of Turkmenbashi  is carried out in two ways:

  • A direct variant of cargo transshipment without the use of a warehouse, that is an overload directly from one cargo vehicle to another. Overloading of various cargoes is carried out according to the scheme "wagon-vessel / container", "container / ship-wagon", transport –vessel  / container, container / vessel- transport "," truck-wagon "," wagon-truck "," linear Container - railway container ". A direct version is usually used for small consignments.
  • Transshipment of cargo with placement in storage terminals, of temporary storage with subsequent loading. Cargo terminals of our agents are always located in the immediate vicinity of the place of loading / unloading, which makes it possible to carry out operations in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

Our company provides agency services and chartering of sea vessels in the port of Turkmenbashi  on favorable terms.

The chartering service is a very important service, what means many companies cannot manage without it. Chartering means the full or partial lease of a vessel, which is needed to transport goods. The vessel can be rented for various jobs.

Chartering of the vessel is carried out for a period of one or more trips. Here everything depends on the specific task and the contract that the two sides conclude with each other.

Sometimes chartering is carried out for a specific time interval. In this case, the rent does not depend on the number of trips made. The vessel is handed over to the charterer for a certain period of time. A charterer is a person who has concluded a charter contract with the owner of the vessel or his representative.

Competent specialists in the field of logistics will select a transportation route that will ensure timely delivery at the lowest price. The main advantage of our company is openness to new ideas on improving the provided services in the field of sea and coastal shipping.

The long experience of our company in the field of freight forwarding allows us to easily resolve any issues related to the delivery of goods by sea. This guarantees our customers fast and high-quality forwarding of their cargo without extra cost.

We offer each client cooperation on the most favorable terms for him, taking into account all his wishes as much as possible. In general, flexible and mutually beneficial relations with the customer are our credo.Our staff will provide you with all the information currently available on sea and coastal shipping, as well as consult us professionally regarding the services provided by our company.

The customer's peace of mind for the cargo that trusted us, is the most important value of our freight forwarding company!


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