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Road Freight


Transportation delivery in the city

Inter-city transportation

International  road transportation

Express delivery

Hourly rental of transports

Organization of relocations (apartment, office)

Loading and unloading service


Versatility and high mobility is an indispensable advantage of road transport.  Specific methods of the organization of cargo transportation by road are most effective and preferable in many cases. A significant value  of all freight traffic falls on motor transport . Sometimes this is the only way to deliver the goods to their destination.

Constantly expanding the geographical boundaries of transportation, the freight forwarding company develops an optimal plan for the transportation of all types and volumes of cargo, which guarantees a high level  of qualities in service. Due to the experience of work and the professionalism of the team, our company has brought transportation service to a higher quality level.

  • We are developing the most economically advantageous route, with considering the current transport network of this region.
  • We select the rolling stock and provide packaging containers for the properties of the cargo.
  • Having a full fleet of special equipment gives us possibilities to deliver your oversized cargo in accordance with all technical conditions, providing the necessary approvals.
  • Having considered each specific case, we ensure the maximum efficiency of transportation, including goods requiring special care (dangerous goods, fragile products, and electronics).
  • Along the providing transportation service, we provide of necessity      warehousing with responsible custody, forwarding and security, legal support. And also, we render assistance of customs clearance.
  • Capability of express delivery service.  
  • Approachability of information for Consignee about all stages of cargo transportation.

Our company will deliver your cargo from Turkmenistan to Russia, CIS countries and other regions. Auto transportation of goods is carried out in the shortest possible time. We produce hundreds of operations with the goods of our customers daily.

By ordering transportation from our company, you can always rely on the professional support of our logisticians who will be able to advise on any questions you are interested in. Our drivers always control the course of loading and insist the loaders to load the cargo in accordance with the conditions of transportation.

We have developed a convenient system for ordering services. Our managers will carefully work out the transportation process in each specific case, regardless of the volume of cargo, and will offer a plan for transportation and forwarding.

According to the use of logistics systems and constant optimization of the transportation routes, our company able to offer competitive tariffs with consistently high quality of service.


Our contact information:

Meno Logistics Turkmen ES

                  19/1, Str. Garashsyzlyk Shayoly , Ashgabat, Turkmenistan           

                                                                                    Phone:    +99312 480721                                                                                 

                    +99312 480756

          Fax:   +99312 480710

    E-mail: contact@menotrk.com