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Rail Freight


About reliability, and stability of a railway cargo transportation it is not necessary to speak to efficiency. The developed network of railroad communications provides a regularity of transportation of cargoes of necessary volumes. Absence of the "seasonal" factor favours to pricing and influences forming of final tariffs that does a cargo transportation by rail in certain cases by the most attractive.

The transportation company renders services in rail hauling of all kinds of cargoes, from national teams to mass industrial lots. Depending on cargo, for its transportation goods wagons of corresponding type are used: cars-refrigerators for short-lived commodities, hoppers and dumpcars - for loose goods. The hazardous cargoes admitted to transportation, are transported in special containers and tank cars.

Specificity of a rail transport optimum for transportation large-sized and heavy loads. For their transportation the special railroad trains warranting safety of cargoes (gondola cars, platforms, transporters) are involved. All traction of railway platforms and designs of necessary fixtures conform the additional equipment to standard requirements and ensure safety of transportation.

Thanks to close partner mutual relations with administrations of railroad communications of the CIS and, in particular Turkmenistan, we offer following services:

  • Forwarding on territories of the CIS countries and other regions by transportation cargoes railway, a road transport and in a mixed traffic;
  • Transportation of off-gauge loads;
  • The coordination of transit transportations of cargoes on territories of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan;
  • The coordination of import transportations of cargoes on territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Terminal handling of cargoes on boundary transitions of Turkmenistan with granting of the information on their passage;
  • Tracking cars on all transit;
  • Promotion of cars on territories of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan;
  • Giving of cars of Ministry of Railways and Union of Right Forces in territory of the CIS for loading;
  • Return of empty cars after unloading from territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Registration of carriage documents;
  • An overload of any kinds of cargoes at railway stations Sarahs, Dashoguz, in port Turkmenbashi on motor vehicles and road transportation with corresponding registration to a platform of the receiver in territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Railway vehicles rent.

Besides the basic services of transport expedition, we give possibility of reception of accompanying servicing, such, as:

  • The organisation of cargo handling works;
  • Payment - financial services;
  • Rendering of necessary consulting services;
  • Accomplishment of customs formalities.

Competence of employees of the company of transport logistics industry, operative work with knowledge of legal and technical base in sphere of rail haulings, dynamical cooperation with partners allows to develop the most rational scheme of transportation and forwarding.

The warranted observance of treaty obligations by us can estimate both owners of multiton cargoes, and senders of small volumes.

Our contact information:

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