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Multimodal Cargo Transportation


Multimodal transportation as a kind of transport services that represents itself as the transportation and freight forwarding on separate sections of the route by different modes of transport.

Multimodal transportation, planned and organized by our forwarding company, is a technological system of transportation under a single document. Due to our extensive partner base, we have high service capabilities.

Our experts define the plan from the point of economic efficiency ensuring the uninterrupted transport process, in which carriers of various modes of transport act as our partners.

At our disposal are universal and specialized terminals, facilitating the rapid delivery of all types of goods, including groupage cargoes. The terminal system allows to have spare warehouses with responsible custody, if such a service is required.

Having concluded the contract of transport expedition, we take full responsibility for the entire process of delivery of the goods "from door to door".  These are:

  • Transportation in accordance with the transport characteristics of the goods;
  • Loading, unloading and storage of cargo, with considering its properties;
  • Checking the quantity and condition of the goods;
  • Delivery and receipt of cargo at the destination point;
  • Payment of fees and duties;
  • Obtaining documents required for export-import;
  • Customs and other necessary registration.

Multimodal cargo transportations, carried out by us both on modern transport highways, and in conditions of extreme impassability, allow our clients to get the best result by terms of delivery. Guaranteed safety of cargo is ensured by the level of professionalism and reputation of our company.

High demands on the quality and efficiency of its activities, we offer multimodal transportation of goods of any volume and in any direction of invariably high level.


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