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Additional Services


International multimodal transportation

Customs transit (domestic and international)

Special cargoes

Certification of goods

Transportation of oversized cargo

Warehousing with responsible custody

Cargo security and tracking

Customs clearance and declaration


Provision of transportation services that involve transportation, handling, warehousing, always involves the need to provide customers with a number of additional services.

Multimodal transportation, planned and organized by our forwarding company, is a technological system of transportation under a single document. Due to our extensive partner base, we have high service capabilities.

Special cargoes. For efficient and safe transportation of special cargo, it is important to carry out transportation in accordance with its properties and transport characteristics. We transport and forward all kinds of special and specific cargoes (including - perishable, large-sized, dangerous, living creatures), with the use of specialized rolling stock, packaging, packaging that will protect the cargo from damage and loss. We undertake the registration of the necessary accompanying documents, certificates, veterinary certificates, approvals, carrying out safe transportation in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.

The specialists of our company will assist in carrying out all types of certification, will prepare a full package of documents for the certification of goods, and organize the process of interaction with regulatory bodies.

Transportation of oversized cargo is a complex multi-level process that requires compliance with the transportation regulations. Our experience and professionalism make it possible to provide safe transportation with the use of special transport with increased load capacity, corresponding to the overall cargo data. Our specialists will receive the permission of the Road Police of Turkmenistan, coordinate the route with all the authorities and determine the required type of escort.

Warehousing with responsible custody. Our company, having spare warehouses, is ready to provide the cargo owner with responsible custody. The need to store products for commercial purposes can arise, for example, due to seasonal fluctuations, for its realization at the period of the most favorable prices or taxes. We provide a service of responsible custody regardless of the volumes to organizations and individuals.

Protection and escort. Transportation of valuable goods is always connected with the customer's concern about safety. As an additional service we provide professional protection and support at all stages of transportation. The consultant of the company, in accordance with the wishes of the sender, will propose a scheme of escort with the use of security means.

Customs clearance, declaration and certification of goods. We, using our experience of international cargo transportation, assist in the preparation of documents, licenses and certificates required for import-export. Our specialists will prepare the documents for the customs declaration on HS Code, presenting your interests in the customs service. Timely coordination and execution of customs formalities will ensure the passage of your cargo in the optimal time.

Customs transit. We ensure compliance with the necessary formalities for the application of internal customs transit, as well as the regime of international customs transit with further forwarding.

We are focusing on the complexity of the services provided, included at the request of the client in the forwarding order.

In our company you can order transport forwarding with additional services, as well as use any service selectively.


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