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"Meno Logistics Turkmen" ES offers  transport-forwarding services in realisation international  air, railway, automobile, sea and multimodal transportations of cargoes.

«Meno Logistics Turkmen» ES  has a wide experience of work and well established relations in sphere of transport-forwarding services, as with administrations of railroad communications, with proprietors of railway vehicles, and with the forwarding companies of the CIS countries and other regions.

Thanks to close partner mutual relations with administrations of railroad communications of the CIS and in particular Turkmenistan, we offer following services:

  • Forwarding of cargoes on territories of the CIS countries and other countries by transportation cargoes by rail, automobile and in a mixed traffic;
  • Transportation of off-gauge loads;
  • The coordination of transit transportations of cargoes on territories of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan;
  • The coordination of import transportations of cargoes on territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Terminal handling of cargoes on boundary transitions of Turkmenistan with granting of the information on their passage;
  • Tracking of cars on all transit;
  • Promotion of cars on territories of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan;
  • Giving of cars of Ministry of Railways and Union of Right Forces in territory of the CIS for loading;
  • Return of empty cars after unloading from territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Registration of carriage documents;
  • An overload of any kinds of cargoes at stations Sarahs, Dashoguz, in port Turkmenbashi and road transportation with corresponding registration to a platform the receiver in territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Railway vehicles rent.

Granting of the transport services meaning transportation, cargo handling works, warehousing, is always integrated to necessity of provision of clients a number of additional services that is in detail described in section "Additional services".

We work both with large corporations, and with small firms, using an individual approach to each client. Our clients are provided with the information on the wide range of questions connected with preparation and registration of each concrete transportation, beginning from the request, reception of primary consultation and information support, before conducting all calculations on the agreed and performed transportations.

Working with us, you will be assured that your cargo and money which you have paid, in reliable hands!

Our contact information:

Meno Logistics Turkmen ES

                  19/1, Str. Garashsyzlyk Shayoly , Ashgabat, Turkmenistan           

                                                                                    Phone:    +99312 480721                                                                                 

                    +99312 480756

          Fax:   +99312 480710

    E-mail: contact@menotrk.com