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Our advantages   



Quality service                                    Operational excellence     

Personal approach to each client.                                         Fulfillment services as soon as possible,

Flexible tariff policy and competitive rates.                         regardless of the category of goods.


Specialized services                              Complexity 

Provision of services by  professional                                     A full range of  logistic and forwarding 

team with experienced specialists.                                          services, C.C. as well.  

Our services





Additional services



International multimodal transportations.   

At our disposal there are specialized terminals that contributing the rapid delivery of all types cargo.





General cargo transportation.

Our company offers you a full range of services in general cargo transportation within the territory of Europe and CIS countries.





Oversized cargo transportation. 

Providing of special transports and equipments, special permits and escorts as well.






Full range of services in registration documents that of confirming compliance with the requirements of   product safety and quality.








Customs clearance  and declaration. 

 Assist in the preparation of documents required  for import-export and transit of goods.





Ship broker. 

We provide a full range of agency services in         the international seaport  "Turkmenbashi".






Stevedoring services.

Carry out stevedoring and inspection work in       the maritime port at high level.





 Warehousing and safekeeping.

 Our company, having warehouses, is ready            to provide the cargo owner safekeeping.

The executed projects

About Us


Meno Logistics Turkmen ES  is a company, which has professional team that ready to provide services in the field of logistics and transportation at the highest level. According to the vast experience of work in this field we can offer individual service to private and corporate clients, engaged in transporting goods. High flexibility and ability to adapt allow us to offer best services for our clients, ideally matching to their needs. We have agents in all regions and this allows us guarantee excellent quality of service on over the entire route. We strive to create and offer customized, flexible solutions, which meet the requirements of customers and exceed their expectations.


Our contact information:

Meno Logistics Turkmen ES

                  19/1, Str. Garashsyzlyk Shayoly , Ashgabat, Turkmenistan           

                                                                                    Phone:    +99312 480721                                                                                 

                    +99312 480756

          Fax:   +99312 480710

    E-mail: contact@menotrk.com